Thursday, November 24, 2022

Tulsa schools received millions for racial programs

"A new report shows Tulsa Public Schools has received millions of dollars from a national group that claims 'white supremacy' is a problem in education," Ray Carter reports.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Oklahoma parents have had enough

For too long, the education "experts" and "professionals" have patted Oklahoma parents on the head and said, "Who you gonna believeme or your own lying eyes?" As you can see, many parents gave the good sense to believe their own lying eyes.
  • A pornographic book in Owasso, Blankets, depicts sex, masturbation, and a child getting raped.
  • Tulsa has the pornographic books Gender Queer and Flamer available for students in many of their schools. 
  • Pro-LBGTQ+ Owasso teacher Tyler Wrynn told his students, "f***" your parents if they "don't love and accept you for who you are—I'm your parents now." 
  • Wrynn moved on from Owasso but (naturally) was hired by Tulsa where he continues to indoctrinate students. Wrynn's principal, wary of undercover journalism, begged her staff not to record her at staff meeting.
  • An Oklahoma Teacher of the Year nominee in Bristow touted a transgender book because she says it's important to be supportive of children exploring transgender transition. 
  • School materials in Edmond and Bristow are drawing the ire of parents.
  • Stillwater dad Riley Flack is fed up with the sexually explicit material being made available to children.
[This post is, alas, updated as needed.]

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Oklahoma churches against kids

Oklahoma’s schools continue to perform poorly. But instead of standing up for children, some pastors and pastrixes are only interested in profits for their government friends.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Lost learning, lost earnings

Oklahoma public schools have more money than they’ve ever had, “and it’s not even close.” Yet look at what we’re doing to our children’s chances of future success.