Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Police investigating after video shows teacher assaulting student at OKC school

The teacher involved was arrested, KOCO reports.

Mangum superintendent supports education tax credit

Senate Bill 407 "has the potential to impact positively even more public schools by increasing the dollar amount they can receive to implement or expand innovative programs," Mangum Public School superintendent Shane Boothe writes in a letter to the Tulsa World. "This is critical for rural districts, like mine, that can lag behind those with larger ad valorem tax bases."
Opponents also argue this bill would further divert funds from public schools. But if this logic holds, all tax credits divert funds from public schools, including much larger tax credits for industries like medical research, renewable energy and aerospace. Shouldn’t you also oppose these?
We cannot attack the only tax credit that provides a direct benefit to public schools and ignore much larger ones for other industries. SB 407 doesn’t absolve the need to fund education. Its supporters wholeheartedly advocate for increased teacher pay and education funding in general. It will just help improve a school’s ability to solicit even more donations. 
Businesses will continue to donate using tax credit programs. Let’s help them give more to those that desperately need it: our public schools.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

Scholarship critics notably silent on millions in tax credits

School-choice opponents argue that "tax credits reduce available state funding for schools," Ray Carter reports. "But those same critics have been largely silent when it comes to a host of other tax-credit measures that involve at least $116 million in combined fiscal impact on state tax collections."

Popular tax-credit program is helping kids

"Oklahoma gives tax breaks for CNG use, windmills, rehabilitating old buildings, and even American Ninja Warrior filming," Jonathan Small writes. "Why would we support those causes, but then refuse to use tax credits to boost education funding for Oklahoma children?"

Noble schools want to keep four-day weeks

FOX 25 has the story.