Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ah yes, 'arrangements would be made'

"Concerned by estimates that half of Oklahomans are overweight, a state legislator said Tuesday he will file legislation requiring students to be checked annually to identify possible weight problems," Michael McNutt reports today in The Oklahoman.
All students 16 years and younger would be required to have a screening to check their body mass indexes, said state Rep. Richard Morrissette. Students would be weighed and measured, and the BMI data would be used to determine whether they have excess fat or are underweight. ...

Students in public schools would be checked during the school year. Arrangements would be made for homeschooled students also to be screened, Morrissette said.

This legislation is egregious on several levels, of course, and I will be surprised if it's anything other than DOA at 23rd and Lincoln. Nevertheless, when legislators wander this far off the reservation (state Sen. Jim Wilson was last year's poster child), homeschoolers need to act decisively. Please let your state representative know what you think about this proposed legislation.

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