Monday, June 1, 2009

Women and children first

The Associated Press reports that the last survivor from the Titanic, 97-year-old Millvina Dean, died yesterday -- on the 98th anniversary of the ship's launch.

As it happens, I mentioned Ms. Dean one year ago today in a column in The Oklahoman in which I stressed the need to rescue children from sinking ships.

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Dj Hackney said...

This is more for the "Nutshell" section than the post, but it applies to the sinking ship as well.

For the upcoming school year, my ex-wife and I decided to use my address rather than hers to send my youngest daughter to (in our opinion) a better elementary school. Despite the fact we have shared parenting, the school tried to quiz us on where our daughter spent more days, even asking who got the extra day of the divisor of 365. The principal (of the school we left) tried to convince us we were committing fraud and illegally enrolling our daughter. We ignored the idle threats and enrolled her at the school of OUR choice.

Even though Sandy Garrett claims that our state has several choices, those are more "choices in theory," rather than in realistic functionality.