Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barresi takes note of Florida plan

This morning on Twitter, state Superintendent Janet Barresi pointed to a "thought-provoking column about giving parents more choices."

Indeed, the column by Patricia Levesque is about a proposal in Florida "that would extend choice to all parents." It's the same proposal I mentioned earlier this week in The Oklahoman. Reihan Salam calls it one of "the most significant, transformative ideas I’ve ever seen advanced by an actual elected official with any real power."

The times are changing, my friends. Even the folks over at Newsweek are now acknowledging that "momentum [for school vouchers] seems to be shifting — at least at the state level. Four new GOP governors have backed voucher programs, including three that also have Republican majorities in their legislatures. The most intriguing reforms are in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott is the first to propose making vouchers available to all students, not just those in low-income areas."

I'm not saying Gov. Mary Fallin or Supt. Barresi would necessarily go so far as to embrace Gov. Scott's idea. But make no mistake, education policy in Oklahoma is going places that Gene Stipe can't fathom and Stratton Taylor can't believe.

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