Friday, September 30, 2011

Barresi sticks up for parents (as opposed to suing them)

In her newspaper column released today, state Superintendent Janet Barresi says she is "dismayed by the recent lawsuit filed against parents by two school districts in Tulsa County."
These districts are suing the parents of special needs children over the state’s Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Law, which was a bipartisan effort signed into law by former Gov. Brad Henry. The law allows parents to place their special needs children in schools that will best serve them.

These parents have enough stress in their lives without having to contend with a groundless lawsuit.

And school districts all over Oklahoma should be encouraging parental involvement, not suing parents. School leaders should be committed to expanding choice for parents, not trying to thwart reforms.

I’ve already established a new office of Parent and Community Engagement. In the coming weeks, I’ll be examining additional ways to aid parent empowerment, advocacy and involvement.

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