Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rabbi touts school choice

"Through vouchers and tax credit scholarships, many parents can now apply a state grant toward the private school of their choice," writes Florida rabbi Mendy Dubrowski. "A marketplace that is open to more parents will help ensure the next generation has every chance to succeed."
Working with a private Jewish day school in Tampa, I have seen the success of the tax credit scholarship program first hand. The family of two students, for example -- an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old -- struggled to support themselves after the father lost his job. The family wanted desperately to give the girls a quality Jewish education, enriching them with their shared heritage and traditions. But even though they visited the school, they had no intention of applying for fear they could never afford the tuition. Thanks to tax credit scholarships, a school representative approached the parents and showed them how their dream of sending their daughters to the school could be a reality.

This isn't a question of whether public or private schools work better. This is a matter of choice. We can no longer afford to trail the world in the education of our youth. We must do everything possible to give them the tools necessary to build a beautifully bright future.

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