Friday, April 25, 2014

Why do GOP lawmakers fund the failed monopoly but resist school choice?

Law professor Andrew Spiropoulos, who serves as the Milton Friedman Distinguished Fellow at OCPA, sheds some light on the matter.
Part of the problem is that for too long Republican legislative leaders have carelessly placed members with close ties to the failed education establishment in important committee posts concerning education funding and management.

The usual suspects aren’t the only problems. Rumor has it that a few conservative legislators are concerned that school superintendents in their districts will oppose their re-election if they don’t send the schools more money.

I have news for these fainthearted fellows. The superintendents, and their allies, hate you and always have. If they could beat you, you’d already be gone. You have beaten them, and will continue to beat them, as long as you continue to side with the thousands of Oklahoma voters who know that massive increases in education funding have not paid off in improved student achievement and that there are better uses for our tax dollars.

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