Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Educational choice champions prevail in Oklahoma run-off elections

"The Oklahoma Federation for Children celebrated the results of tonight's run-off election, as parents responded overwhelmingly in support of educational choice candidates," according to a press release from the organization.

All six of the Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund supported candidates were successful and strongly believe in empowering parents through educational choice. The most closely watched race was between Melissa Abdo and Chuck Strohm. Abdo, the frontrunner and an unapologetic opponent of educational choice, was upset by pro-educational choice candidate Chuck Strohm.

Russell Perry
"Today’s results speak volumes about the importance and impact of educational choice – voters overwhelmingly favor candidates who believe in school choice and offering parents with robust quality options," said Russell Perry, Co-Chair of the Oklahoma Federation for Children. "Although all of the candidates have very different backgrounds, one thing these candidates all support is improving Oklahoma’s education system, and empowering families and children with the ability to attend the quality school of their choice."

The Oklahoma Action Fund made a major investment to support the six candidates, two of whom are Democrats, and made a significant impact in the election’s results.

Oklahoma Federation for Children supported candidates are: John Pfeiffer (R-HD 38), John Paul Jordan (R-HD 43), Casey Murdock (R-HD 61), Chuck Strohm (R-HD 69), Shane Stone (D-HD 89), and George Young (D-HD 99)

Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Federation for Children released a poll that found overwhelming support for educational choice, especially among Republican primary voters.

One race in particular where educational choice became a decisive issue was in the campaign for the 69th House District where Chuck Strohm successfully defeated the front runner, Melissa Abdo. Abdo, an opponent of school choice, sued to block parents with special needs children from obtaining access to the state’s school choice program. The race serves as a reminder that parents value educational choice and will not tolerate candidates who put special interests ahead of the needs of children.

Bob Sullivan
"Tonight’s results demonstrate that Oklahoma citizens are supportive and embrace educational choice," said Bob Sullivan, Co-Chair of the Oklahoma Federation for Children. "And, the Oklahoma Federation for Children serves as the voice and vehicle for parents who are rising up to challenge the status quo and want are elected officials who believe in the power of educational choice."

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