Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Our tax money should be spent on the best product available'

The public school system is failing our children, Montague Alcorn of Meeker writes in an excellent letter to the editor published today in The Oklahoman.
Private school students have a lower dropout rate and score higher on all standardized tests than do public school students. While there are some good individual public schools, the system itself is in need of drastic repair.

[A previous letter writer] seems not to be opposed to private schools, only “religious” private schools, and because of this disdain for religion, he feels our children should stay in a failing system. It would only take a few minutes observing the uncontrolled chaos of a public school with the serene atmosphere of a private school for him to understand the difference of philosophies between these types of schools. Private school goals are to develop children socially and academically while maintaining personal responsibility. Public schools’ goals seem to be lowering standards, increasing administration costs and appeasing the teachers unions.

Our tax money should be spent on the best product available. There’s a reason families with the means send their children to private schools, religious or not. It’s because of the excellent education and guidance their children will receive. It’s time to allow families that don’t have the means the same opportunity for their children.

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