Monday, February 1, 2016

School choice would help inner-city children

"Our inner-city problems of crime, unemployment, and single motherhood have a major common cause — the requirement that low-income families must send their children to their designated neighborhood school, no matter how bad and violent it is," James B. Wise writes in a letter published today in The Oklahoman.
The result is generation after generation of uneducated, unemployable, and frequently violent adults who support themselves with crime or public welfare. The only solution is school choice and school competition. Every child should receive a voucher good for a year's education in any school in the state. When parents exercise choice with those vouchers, currently good schools and good new start-up schools will get the students, and bad schools will have to close. Only by school choice and school competition can we make it possible for inner-city children to become educated, employable, and therefore marriageable. Considering the massive public costs of inner-city problems, universal vouchers would be cost-effective.

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