Monday, February 27, 2017

Cringeworthy religious bigotry from a school-choice opponent

In an email to Oklahoma state lawmakers yesterday, school-choice opponent Beccie Price wrote the following.

Will Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist students be able to attend private Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist schools using ESAs, our public tax dollars? 
Harry Potter could have attended Hogwarts using ESAs. I have nothing against Harry Potter, but I really don't want to fund his education with my tax dollars. 
What will your constituents say about ESAs funding private Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist schools? 
Beccie L. Price

Sigh. Here's hoping that more people will come to understand the importance of religious liberty for all, "from Anglicans to Zoroastrians."

"Whatever you do, don't send the tax-funded fire trucks!"

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Unknown said...

ESAs aren't used to fund schools; They are used to fund a student's education. Using an ESA, a parent can select a school from among those accredited by the State of Oklahoma. No jihadist schools on that list.