Monday, December 11, 2017

Safety concerns leading black families to homeschooling

"Interest in homeschooling has increased over the last decade, as what was once perceived as a marginal development has turned into a significant phenomenon," Garvey Musumunu and Ama Mazama write.
There has been, in recent years, a noticeable surge in African American involvement in the homeschooling movement as well. However, there continues to be a general paucity of research on the motivations of homeschooling Black parents. It is the purpose of this essay (1) to present empirical evidence regarding African American motivations for homeschooling; and (2) more specifically, to explore how parental concerns for safety are leading African American families to homeschooling. These concerns, the authors contend, bring to the fore a series of disturbing circumstances and preoccupations that are specific to African Americans.

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