Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Salina students were warned teacher 'is going to touch you, there's nothing you can do about it'

"A Salina teacher is now out of a job nearly a year after police began investigating accusations that he was inappropriately touching students," the News on 6 reports.
The attorney for the victims accuses the school of not doing anything. Prosecutors charged John Horner in January with eight counts of lewd molestation. Parents said they are frustrated with how this case was handled. ... Horner's dismissal comes nearly a year after investigators said they interviewed several students who accused him of inappropriately touching them and making unwanted comments. 
"Accusations started as far back as 2014, so he's been allowed to at least do this for five years where the girls have been warned by upperclassmen as one class graduated and the next class comes in. They've actually been warned horny Horner is going to touch you, there’s nothing you can do about it," said attorney Chase McBride.
Horner was charged with eight counts of lewd molestation back in January. McBride currently represents 10 victims and believes there could be more. "What blows our mind through this whole thing is that this man has been on the payroll—taxpayer dollars for at least a year after knowing that he is going to get charged with felonies and molesting children in the community," said McBride.
Court documents said that the school started an investigation in March of 2019 and a day later found no further investigation was needed. Then parents called police who began their own investigation, which ended in the in eight felony charges being filed. 
McBride said the school continued to pay Horner for about a year. "They've been paying him. They've been sweeping things under the rug. Since investigating this, we've had witnesses come forward the farthest back we've got at this point is 2014," said McBride McBride said Horner should've lost his teaching license and been suspended as soon as the allegation came to light. 

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