Monday, November 30, 2020

Support for Oklahoma ed reform hits new high

"While 2020 has ushered in many changes," writes pollster Pat McFerron, "one constant is that voters in Oklahoma continue to support school choice, including allowing parents to use tax dollars to send their children to private schools."

In a survey of 500 registered Oklahoma voters conducted Sept. 20-24, 2020 (margin of error: plus/minus 4.3%), respondents were asked:

"School choice gives parents the right to use tax dollars raised for their child’s education to send their child to the school of their choicewhether it is public, private, online, or charterwhich best serves their needs. Generally speaking, do you favor or oppose the concept of school choice for Oklahoma? 
  • Strongly Favor .......... 40%
  • Somewhat Favor .......... 21%
  • Somewhat Oppose .......... 9%
  • Strongly Oppose .......... 24%
  • Undecided .,........ 6%

"It looks as though the pandemic has strengthened the resolve of Republicans who now support school-choice by better than a three-to-one margin [72% to 23%]," McFerron writes, "while the issue divides Democrats more than we have ever seen [44% favor, 47% oppose]."

In sum, McFerron writes, "one thing is clear: Voters are now focused on reforming public education. They embrace fundamental reforms more now than at any time we have been pollingsomething that now dates back more than 30 years."

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