Thursday, July 14, 2022

Tulsa school board votes to continue Chinese Communist-funded program

School board member E'Lena Ashley, a black single mom with a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, was the lone "no" vote.

Tulsa blogger Michael Bates provides some valuable background information. "You may have heard of the Confucius Institute," he writes, "which established centers for the study of Chinese language and culture, funded by the Chinese Communist Party, on dozens of American college campuses, including the University of Oklahoma. Confucius Classroom is the K-12 arm of the same initiative: To plant Chinese Communist agents in schools across America to propagandize on behalf of the butchers of Beijing and shape the rising generation's perspective of the totalitarians that crush political dissent in Tienanmen Square and Hong Kong, enslave Uyghur Muslims, persecute Christians and other religions, and unleashed a deadly virus that shut down the world's economy."

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