Saturday, October 15, 2022

Moore mother shocked after finding young son two miles from school

"A Moore mother was shocked after arriving at Winding Creek Elementary to pick up her son Elyjah on Thursday—only to find that her son's whereabouts were unknown," KOKH reports.

Dajia Rogers told Fox 25 that she eventually found him unharmed two miles from the school, but wants staff to take student safety more seriously. According to Rogers, Thursday's events were some of the scariest to ever happen to her family. ... 

Rogers added that in her view, the school's response to the situation was unacceptable. "There's so many kids going every which way that they can't keep track of them all. That's what she told me," asserted Rogers in reference to a conversation she had with the school's principal. After posting about the incident on Facebook, the mother explained that other parents have reached out to her about similar incidents at Winding Creek.

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