Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Oklahoma parents have had enough

For too long, the education "experts" and "professionals" have patted Oklahoma parents on the head and said, "Who you gonna believeme or your own lying eyes?" As you can see, many parents gave the good sense to believe their own lying eyes.
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools and Putnam City Public Schools "offer the pornographic book Let's Talk About It to students. The book encourages exploring kink on the internet, watching porn, and using sex toys," the Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok reported, adding later that OKCPS "removed this pornographic book today after my post."
  • A pornographic book in Owasso, Blankets, depicts sex, masturbation, and a child getting raped.
  • Tulsa has the pornographic books Gender Queer and Flamer available for students in many of their schools. 
  • Pro-LBGTQ+ Owasso teacher Tyler Wrynn told his students, "f***" your parents if they "don't love and accept you for who you are—I'm your parents now." 
  • Wrynn moved on from Owasso but (naturally) was hired by Tulsa where he continues to indoctrinate students. Wrynn's principal, wary of undercover journalism, begged her staff not to record her at staff meeting.
  • An Oklahoma Teacher of the Year nominee in Bristow touted a transgender book because she says it's important to be supportive of children exploring transgender transition. 
  • School materials in Edmond and Bristow are drawing the ire of parents.
  • Stillwater dad Riley Flack is fed up with the sexually explicit material being made available to children.
  • An elementary school librarian in the Tulsa Union district is pushing a “woke agenda” with an “emphasis on social justice.”
  • A teacher at a Tulsa charter school proudly decorates her classroom with Black Lives Matter and transgender flags.
  • An elementary school principal in the Western Heights school district is a drag queen who was previously arrested on child porn charges, V1SUT reports. That principal then hired another drag queen as a kindergarten para-professional, V1SUT reports. Both men hold "Miss Gay Oklahoma" titles.
  • The Western Heights drag-queen principal has hired the same pedophile at three elementary schools, V1SUT reports.
  • Toe-licking is all the rage in Edmond and Deer Creek, and students have been hazed and bullied for not participating.
[This post is, alas, updated as needed.]

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