Saturday, May 27, 2023

Every Oklahoma parent now has educational options

Survey data tell us that roughly one in three Oklahomans would choose a private school for their children if given the option.

Well, now they have the option. Oklahoma has three private-school-choice programs from which to choose.
  1. Beginning in tax year 2024, a refundable income-tax credit (in effect, a voucher) is available to parents who incur private-school tuition expenses or homeschool expenses. Student eligibility is universal, meaning it extends to any Oklahoma resident who is eligible to enroll in a public school. More details here and here.
  2. Many students in Oklahoma—special-education students, foster kids, children adopted out of state custody, and more—are eligible for a Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship. More details here.
  3. Most students in Oklahoma are eligible to apply for a private-school scholarship funded by private donations (for which donors receive a state tax credit). Learn more about the program here, and explore schools and scholarship opportunities here, here, here, and here.

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