Thursday, March 13, 2008

Newspaper defends parents' 'right to choose'

Hats off to the state's largest newspaper for defending Oklahomans' constitutional right to educate their own children at home. Back in 2002 the newspaper declared that "The Oklahoman is often critical of ... this state’s unwieldy Populist Era constitution. But today, more than ever, we are grateful for those who provided reasonable, explicit and just protection for parental prerogatives to direct and guide the education of their own children."

And in a house editorial today ('Right to choose'), The Oklahoman pronounced as "nonsense" one labor union official's assertion that homeschooling parents are "gullible amateurs." (My homeschooled fifth-grade daughter could tell you -- even if that union official could not -- that "amateur" derives from the Latin word for love. One reason homeschooling succeeds is that parents love their children and are devoted to their success in a way that no school employee could possibly be. As Christ taught in another context, the hireling doesn't care for the sheep like the shepherd does.)

"Some parents aren't cut out for teaching their own, but there also are poor public schools and poor professionally trained teachers," The Oklahoman noted. "Homeschooling is a valuable option for parents and should be protected."

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am glad to see the person trying to discourage homeschooling is actually condoning it through the choice of words; "amateur."