Saturday, September 26, 2009

Takings Coalition none too thrilled with SQ 744

According to a press release from the Oklahoma House of Representatives,
If State Question 744 is approved by the voters next fall, planned roads and bridges wouldn't be built, thousands of prisoners would have to be released, mentally ill Oklahomans would be left without care leaving them destined for the streets or prison, thousands would be dropped from the Medicaid rolls and several health services would be eliminated, fewer state troopers would protect Oklahoma streets, more children and senior citizens would be cut out of state care and college tuition would increase across the state, House members were told by agency directors at an interim study today.

In other words, what I predicted seven months ago is starting to unfold: the various tax users are starting to eye one another like the proverbial starving men in the lifeboat.

OCPA research fellow Steve Anderson and I also testified at the interim study on Thursday (coverage in the Edmond Sun and the Journal Record) that Oklahoma's per pupil cost is already approaching $11,000.

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