Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OEA boss: 3 out of 4 teachers aren't making schools better

File this one under "great moments in union messaging."

A recent SoonerPoll (Nov. 5-11, 2010; margin of error ± 4.3%) asked 518 likely Oklahoma voters: "Which view comes closer to your own: 'Teachers unions help make schools better' or 'Teachers unions are an obstacle that keeps schools from getting better'"? The results:

● Teachers unions help make schools better ... 25%
● Teachers unions are an obstacle that keeps schools from getting better ... 55%
● Neutral / No opinion ... 20%

You would think there's really no way for the union to spin this one. But you would be wrong. As M. Scott Carter reported yesterday in The Journal Record ('Poll: Unions viewed as obstacles'), "the president of the Oklahoma Education Association said the data underscores the belief that many people support union’s work." Indeed, "'What that Sooner Poll says to me is that one out of every four teachers are making schools a better place to be,' said OEA President Becky Felts. 'It sounds like 25 percent of those surveyed have some type of contact with the teachers' union and know what we’re doing.'"

As a taxpayer, I'm relieved to know that 25 percent of teachers are making schools better. I sincerely hope your child is fortunate enough to have one of them.

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