Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'The future of education is already here'

"What if all the desperate problems in American education had already been solved?" Lisa Graham Keegan asks.
Let’s imagine that there were a burgeoning, truly bipartisan movement of parents, teachers, school leaders, political leaders, and regular, run-of-the-mill citizens who have had it with American failure in education and want the nation to know there is a whole sector of success out there, getting the job done for kids, and it’s tired of being treated as though it doesn’t exist.

Imagine no more … welcome to the Education Breakthrough, and the reality of emerging school choice in America.

The next few years may well be the most exciting time in the history of American education, because emerging in the shadows of its moribund and desperately underperforming big sister comes a baby the nation can be proud of.

This is the world of school choice, where parents choose schools that work for their own children and take an active role in their children’s education. These are the nation’s private schools, public charter schools, home schools, online schools, special-needs schools -- these are schools that are tailored for the students they serve. This is the fastest growing, most efficient and undeniably the most effective sector of American education. This is a sector where being the best truly matters.

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