Friday, November 5, 2010

Oklahoma leaders want kids to have more options

Kris Steele
I mentioned yesterday that Speaker-elect Kris Steele supports school choice for special-needs kids (and I suspect for plenty more kids as well).

Brian Bingman
Oklahoma's new Senate leader, Brian Bingman, also supported the special-needs scholarship bill and favors other school choice options as well. Sen. Bingman was among a group of Oklahomans who traveled to Pennsylvania last year to see firsthand how school choice is working there. As Patrick McGuigan reported, "the group visited 'choice' schools in the Keystone State, talked with organizers of Pennsylvania's tax credit program, interacted with a bipartisan mix of lawmakers and activists, and had the opportunity to press for details on how the program works in practice."

Mary Fallin
And our friends at the Center for Education Reform remind us that our Governor-elect, Mary Fallin, is also a friend of school choice. Indeed, while in Congress, Fallin co-sponsored the "School Choice for Foster Kids Act," a bill which would authorize states to provide vouchers to foster kids to cover tuition costs at private schools.

Janet Barresi
Add to this a new state Superintendent, Janet Barresi, who helped launch two public charter schools and who supports a variety of choice options (including school choice for special-needs kids).

In short, we are entering a new era in Oklahoma, and likely will be participating in the seismic shift that is taking place nationwide.

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