Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whoa! Canada

Where in North America can you find the most school choice? According to a new Heritage Foundation paper ('School Choice in Canada: Lessons for America'),
In Canada, the province of Alberta has long encouraged school choice. Historically, Alberta has had two school systems between which parents may choose: the "public" system and a "separate" system. Other Alberta choices include charter, private, and French-language schools. Homeschooling is encouraged and supported by the provincial government, and "blended" programs are available where children can take some courses at home and others at school. This large variety of educational choice has led to positive results. International test results have placed Alberta students among the world’s top performers, including immigrant children who fare equal to or better than non-immigrant children. In Alberta, parents expect -- and have -- a wide variety of educational options for how to educate their children, a policy outcome that American states should emulate.

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