Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In a short news item, the Tulsa World reports that
The [Lindsey Nicole Henry scholarship] program is ostensibly for children with autism and other special needs but is widely seen as a step toward a comprehensive voucher system for all students, something OCPA supports.

The story didn't have a byline, though it's possible it was written by Randy Krehbiel, who did a nice job covering the Mitch Daniels dinner in Tulsa. In any case, I would suggest that regardless of whether the program is "widely seen" (by whom, the reporter doesn't say) as a step toward something else, it is not accurate to say the program is "ostensibly" for special-needs children. If one reads the law, it's clear that the program is actually for special-needs children. In this instance, the reporter's motive-mongering gets in the way of clear reporting.

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