Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shouldn't educators and journalists (of all people) tell the truth?

Fifteen years on, the Left is still getting mileage out of the Keating-called-teachers-slugs incident. (Gov. Keating, giving a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question, referred to some bad teachers as slugs. Thanks to misrepresentation by the education establishment and a sympathetic media, many people now remember something to the effect of "Keating called teachers slugs.")

He didn't, of course, but hey, the misrepresentation had the desired effect. Regrettably, a similar situation may be starting to unfold now. A capitol reporter for The Journal Record wants you to believe there are Oklahomans running around saying mean things about teachers, an accusation to which I respond in the comments section of his article. Fortunately, his rhetorical misdirection is easy to spot, but that doesn't mean the meme won't take hold. Let's hope it doesn't.

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