Monday, March 3, 2014

Lawmakers kill ESA bill

Last week House Bill 3398, which would have created an Education Savings Account program for low- and middle-income students in some of Oklahoma's worst schools, failed to advance from the House Appropriations and Budget Committee. The vote was 8 to 14.

Voting yes were Republicans Mike Christian, Sally Kern, Mark McCullough, Jason Nelson, Tom Newell, Leslie Osborn, Sean Roberts, and Colby Schwartz.

Voting no were Republicans Don Armes, Ann Coody, Doug Cox, Lee Denney, Scott Martin, Skye McNiel, and Earl Sears. Also voting no were Democrats Mike Brown, Joe Dorman, Chuck Hoskin, Jeannie McDaniel, Jerry McPeak, Richard Morrissette, and Eric Proctor.

Republicans Lisa Billy, Mike Ritze, Mike Sanders, Weldon Watson, and Paul Wesselhoft did not vote.

In the video clip below, journalist Pat McGuigan told Alex Cameron of the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City that in his view the defeat was "an unfortunate setback," saying that "children deserve better than what they're getting in Oklahoma."

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