Saturday, July 25, 2015

Former Commerce teacher sentenced for second-degree rape

A former Commerce teacher and coach was sentenced to a year in jail for three separate charges of second-degree rape, the Miami News-Record reports.
The victim, who was a junior at the time at Commerce High School, says in her statement included in the PSI, she lost friends, was talked about on social media, missed school, and had a teacher mention the incident in class causing her to run to the counselor in tears and caused problems in her family relationships. 
“I want him to go to prison. If he had done this only one time and was sorry about it, then maybe probation would be ok. But he did this three times and isn't really sorry for what he did. Maybe this will show other teachers they can't do this and get away with it. I want this case to show other girls, that if this happens, they will be believed and there will be a punishment for the teacher doing this,” the victim's written statement said.

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