Friday, July 17, 2015

Lankford: Some children can't afford to wait

U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) delivered an excellent speech on the Senate floor this week in which he reminded us that some children need educational options—and they need them right now.
Lamar Alexander brought an amendment out that would have been great to have. It allowed parents to choose their school regardless of whether it is public or private. Education union leaders had kittens about that saying that the public schools are getting better, so we don't want to take funds away from the public schools. We want to keep all those funds in the public schools, but the parents are saying, “I understand that school is getting better someday, but my child is there right now.” While certain leaders in schools will say we can't have federal funds move to follow the child, I would say, would you allow the parent to help that child have the one shot that they're going to get to get education and allow them to choose wherever they want to go?

That’s why I’m also a supporter of things like the D.C. Opportunity scholarships that will allow children in Washington, D.C., to be able to choose the school that they attend. The President has fought adamantly against that. So have the education unions. But quite frankly, the parents here in D.C. want to have the option to send their child anywhere they choose to be able to send them. 
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