Saturday, October 31, 2015

OKC teachers criticize discipline policies

"Suspensions may be down in the Oklahoma City school district, but hundreds of teachers say bad behavior continues to disrupt learning and little is being done about it," Tim Willert reports in The Oklahoman.
Nearly 90 percent of 836 teachers responding to a union survey say they are responsible for administering the majority of student discipline, despite assurances from district officials that school administrators are spending more time doing interventions. 
Many describe chaotic classroom settings and said they feel like baby sitters who spend more time trying to control defiant students than planning and teaching.

“I have 40 minutes of scheduled (planning) time and 30 minutes of scheduled lunch each day, but rarely get to utilize it because I am dealing with discipline issues,” a teacher said. “This year I have acquired multiple bruises, bite marks and a knot on my head from a student pulling my hair so hard. This is frustrating and makes me feel very helpless.”

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