Tuesday, December 1, 2015

McLoud school district, taxpayers to pay $1.4 million to sexual-abuse victims

"The families of 14 young girls who were victimized by former elementary schoolteacher Kimberly Crain have reached a $1.4 million settlement with McLoud Public Schools," The Oklahoman reports.
Crain rattled this community four years ago when it was disclosed she had secretly videotaped students in suggestive poses and various stages of undress. She also had encouraged them to engage in classroom video chats with strange men, including one the children referred to as “Uncle G.”   
McLoud schools Superintendent Doran Smith said the $1.4 million is “a total amount” for the families of all 14 children involved in the case. He did not know how the funds would be split up among the families, saying “their lawyers are handling that.” 
Smith said the district's insurance provider is covering $1 million of the settlement, which is the cap on such claims. The remaining $400,000 will be paid in the coming years by local residents whose property taxes support McLoud Public Schools.

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