Friday, July 29, 2016

Public education activist falsely accuses pastor

The Oklahoman recently took note of some disturbing activity on the Facebook page of Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education.
One administrator of that page, activist Angela Clark Little, bluntly declared Republican state Senate candidate Paul Blair “hosted westboro (sic) at his church when they came to protest something in the Edmond area!!” 
The Westboro Baptist Church (not affiliated with any Baptist denomination) is notorious for protesting soldiers' funerals, claiming those deaths are God's punishment for homosexuality. Due to its repugnant nature, the group gets extensive media coverage wherever it goes. There's no record of Blair hosting Westboro, and he strongly denies the claim: “We have never supported, engaged, or even met anyone associated with Westboro Baptist Church.” 
When we asked Little for documentation, she said her post was based on another individual making the same claim elsewhere online. 
Little has endorsed Blair's Democratic opponent, Kevin McDonald, and one of Blair's Republican primary opponents, Adam Pugh. But Little has indicated the Pugh endorsement is meant to boost the Democrat's chances, writing, "Strategically—we need Paul Blair out if we want Kevin McDonald to have a good chance in November." 

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