Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Audit shows financial mismanagement in Crooked Oak school district

"State inspectors found tens of thousands of dollars in financial mismanagement at a small local school district," KFOR reports. Among State Auditor Gary Jones's findings:
  • A district support employee was paid more than $105,000 over three fiscal years—about $60,000 more than authorized—documented on false time sheets.
  • Superintendent Bradley Richards received an increase of more than $19,000 and $600 stipends that were not outlined in his contract.
  • The superintendent incurred a $25,500 debt against the district that the board did not approve.
  • The Clerk destroyed credit card statements and logs, which were essential to documenting expenditure activity.
  • The district provided a school board member with cell phone service for 18 months after the individual stopped serving on the board.
  • The district paid $2,513 for a phone that was not used.
  • The district sold surplus property, without approval from the school board, and did not maintain records.
UPDATE: The Oklahoman has more details and an excellent house editorial.

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