Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Most Oklahoma students lack proficiency

"With new test score standards that state education officials believe are more in line with national standards, the majority of Oklahoma students lack proficiency in all but one subject area tested," Ben Felder reports in The Oklahoman.
An average of 63 percent of Oklahoma students scored below proficient in the 18 state-required tests issued last school year in grades third through eighth, and 10th grade. The 10th-grade U.S. history test was the only exam where a majority—slightly over 50 percent—of students scored as proficient or advanced. 
Most Oklahoma students lack the basic subject-level knowledge the state now requires, according to the statewide scores released Wednesday.
The Tulsa World provides the results for some Tulsa-area school districts (see table below) and also provides results for specific schools in Tulsa.

These results are woeful, to be sure, though Oklahoma's education officials do deserve credit for finally working to close the honesty gap. This is something OCPA has been recommending for more than 11 years.

With taxpayers spending $9,781 per-pupil annually to get results like this, it's no wonder two in three Oklahomans say they're not getting a good return on their investment.

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