Monday, February 4, 2019

Duncan Public Schools responds to students' racist video

"Duncan Public Schools is responding after one of its students posted a racist video on social media," KSWO reports. "DPS issued this statement on its Facebook page Friday night:
This evening we became aware of a racially inappropriate and offensive post on social media which involves former and current Duncan High School students. This post was made outside of school hours and off campus. Students seeing the post informed DHS teachers and administration. We are in the process of investigating this matter and will take appropriate action to address the posting of this video as well as any disciplinary consequences to follow. We are disappointed and saddened to know that our students have been involved in such racially offensive conduct. 
Duncan High School and Duncan Public Schools do not condone the language used or any content in this post. Racial harassment, prejudice, intolerance, and hate is unacceptable in any form. We take any kind of harassment and bullying seriously.
We know we will need to engage our students, parents, and community in discussions about racism and hate based on these students’ actions. We will reach out to you soon to help us shape the best venue for this conversation.

We call on our parents, students, and community to partner with us to end racism, bullying, and hate. We believe that all our students should feel safe and welcomed both at school and in our community. Please help our cause by modeling appropriate use of social media for students. Also help our cause by informing school administrators when problems occur.

Thank you,

Wade Hampton, Duncan High School Principal

Melonie Hau, Duncan Public Schools Superintendent

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