Friday, August 29, 2008

At least let parents choose

One of our readers has been leaving anonymous comments on this blog in which he or she, channeling Sara Mead, argues that it's wrong to use Oklahoma's woeful NAEP scores to discredit the state's much-ballyhooed preschool daycare program. But because our commenter has been doing so anonymously, I have not posted his or her comments. (The whole point of public discussion is that is should be, well, public.) Adam Schaeffer has already addressed this NAEP argument here and here, but he despairs that "the preschool evangelists will not shrivel before arguments or facts, for they believe. Their faith in preschool is strong and pure."

Even if that's the case, I would hope that even the most fervent preschool evangelist would acknowledge that parents should be able to choose the public or private preschool of their choice.

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