Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arne's choice

Even as Education Secretary Arne Duncan is, in Chicago hitman style, offing the D.C. voucher program, we learn that he himself is practicing school choice: real-estate-based school choice.

You see, unlike the families in the D.C. voucher program, Mr. Duncan can afford a home in Arlington. In an interview published in the April 10 issue of Science magazine (HT: Mike Antonucci), Mr. Duncan informs us that his daughter "goes to Arlington [Virginia] public schools. That was why we chose where we live, it was the determining factor. That was the most important thing to me. My family has given up so much so that I could have the opportunity to serve; I didn't want to try to save the country's children and our educational system and jeopardize my own children's education."

No, we can't be jeopardizing children's education, now can we? Thank you, Mr. Duncan, for the reminder that school choice is widespread. If you can afford it.

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