Monday, April 27, 2009

Virtual choices

"Oklahoma students looking for alternatives to get their high school diplomas now have options of online and university-run schools to complete their education," Jennifer Griswold reported yesterday in The Oklahoman ('High school students have online options for diplomas').
Administrators with Oklahoma Virtual High School and University of Oklahoma High School report a steady increase in student enrollment during the past several years.

The growth is expected to continue through the next decade, said Jeff Elliott, president of the Oklahoma City-based company that runs Oklahoma Virtual High School. ...

Oklahoma Virtual High School is run by Advanced Academics, which is owned by DeVry Inc. The company is a partner with school districts and offers students an alternative to the traditional high school classroom.

Company representatives work with school districts to meet their needs by offering classes or programs they don’t have the resources or staff to offer on-site, said Elliott.

Hmmm. The government gives tax dollars to a private school on a per-student basis. Sounds suspiciously like ... well, you know. And it would be quite the outrage if it weren't for the fact that public dollars are already flowing to private schools all the time.

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