Sunday, April 19, 2009

Objectivity-strapped reporting

"Cash-strapped school districts in three rural Oklahoma counties are eagerly awaiting the outcome of a tax case tied up for years in the court system that could result in millions of dollars for schools," the Associated Press reports.

Notice the decidedly non-objective modifier "cash-strapped" to describe these school districts in Grant, Woods, and Beckham counties. Is the reporter perchance referring to the Wakita school district, which, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Education Finances 2006, spends $17,053 per pupil? I'm thinking Holland Hall and Casady -- to say nothing of several inner-city private schools -- would love to be that cash-strapped.

Or perhaps the reporter is referring to the Freedom school district, which spends a mere $13,833 per pupil? Or is it Waynoka ($10,423), Medford ($9,336), Deer Creek-Lamont ($9,039), or Erick ($9,038)?

No word yet from the AP on the cash-strapped-ness of the consumers and ratepayers also impacted by the court case.

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