Monday, February 21, 2011

Enid News: 'Education changes inevitable'

"There's a phrase on the lips of just about every legislative leader at the state Capitol this session, and that phrase is 'education reform,'" the Enid News and Eagle editorializes.
With the election of a Republican governor, an overwhelmingly Republican Legislature and a Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction, the forces of change are sweeping through the statehouse in regard to education standards and funding.

And it is becoming evident these changes will be a bitter pill for the education establishment to swallow. ...

Public education has been controlled by teacher organizations (unions) and Democratic legislators and policies for decades. Although we believe most people involved in the education system are good people who care about children and about the learning environment, we also know there are many established procedures, policies and practices that have been put in place more for the protection of the status quo than for real educational benefit.

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