Thursday, February 24, 2011

Private sector devises creative solutions

Earlier this month I pointed out how some private schools are doing a better job dealing with snow days than are their public-school counterparts. And subsequent news reports have informed us that, to make up for these snow days, many public schools are (unsurprisingly) doing what's best for the grown-ups rather than what's best for the children.

"My daughter’s private school, however, is free to devise creative solutions to the problem," OCPA fellow Andrew Spiropoulos writes today in his Journal Record column. "The school assures us that we need not add extra days or disrupt lives by changing the school day. Because they possess the flexibility to act as they please, they will restructure classes, testing, and other activities in order to ensure that no academic work is missed. Perhaps the real story here is not the need for enlightened public school leadership -- it’s the need for genuine school choice."

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