Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'A war of attrition with the unions and their kept politicians'

"In political terms 2010 may have been the year of the Tea Party movement, but in policy terms it was the year of school choice," Dan Proft writes in the current issue of School Reform News. "And with courageous reformers at the helm of several states, 2011 could be even better."
Last year, school choice moved beyond the think tanks and policy journals and squarely into popular culture. ...

Progress has been substantial. The excitement generated by movies such as Waiting for “Superman” and The Cartel has been uplifting. The political leadership of Republican governors such as [New Jersey's Chris] Christie, Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, Florida’s Rick Scott, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, and others has been encouraging.

The debate is no longer over the merits of school choice but rather over what forms it should take. ...

The unions are like a collective of candlemakers attempting to block the introduction of electricity. Thank goodness the candlemakers were not as obstinate or politically powerful.

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