Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Oklahoma law neuters rogue officials

State Rep. Jason Nelson says he has been "stunned by the contempt some school districts have shown toward the [special-needs scholarships] law and these children."
I'm told by parents that some local districts, in addition to ignoring the new law, are attempting to ignore existing transfer laws in order to deny scholarships to eligible students and have resorted to telling parents that the scholarships are taxable, hoping that will keep them from participating in the program. House Bill 1744 will ensure rogue officials don’t continue to cause problems for these students and their parents.

Sorry about that, Dr. Wallace.


Melissa Abdo said...

I'm confused by your headline since the bill's author has stated this was a CCOSA request.
Melissa Abdo, JPS parent

Brandon Dutcher said...

Sorry for any confusion, but I don't see how the headline could be any clearer -- it simply explains what happened: A new law is going to prevent rogue officials from doing what they've been doing. It wouldn't matter if the bill was requested by CCOSA or by little green Martians, the headline would be the same: New Oklahoma law neuters rogue officials.

If CCOSA for some reason broke away and supported this bill, that's great -- it's always good to see The Blob fracture, and in this case it simply gives the good guys some cover.

Melissa Abdo said...

Thanks for the clarification. The term 'neuter' is what I found misleading. I interpret that term as something that would be done against someone's will. Typically people don't request to have themselves neutered, so if this was a CCOSA request, I found it to be a misleading headline.

Your blog, your choice of words. Thanks for the response. Happy Memorial Day.

Brandon Dutcher said...

CCOSA represents hundreds of administrators, of which 99 percent obeyed the law. Only a handful (Burden, Lehman, et al) were rogue.