Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oklahoma 6-year-old allegedly assaulted by teenagers on school bus

"Police are investigating an alleged incident where a 6-year-old girl was beat up on her school bus," News9 reports.
A girl who was on the bus said two teens hit the 6-year-old girl on the bus. She also said the bus driver didn't tell the school principal about the incident for days and no action was ever taken.

Police opened an investigation after getting a phone call from parents.

Police won't release many details about the incident but said this wasn't the first incident they've dealt with.

"I'm saying there's too many instances in my opinion that the police department is called in when the school should be handling these matters," said Maud Police Chief James Bottoms.

Maud police responded to an unrelated assault Tuesday at Maud High School.

School officials could not be reached for comment.

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