Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ed in the sand

A few days ago the superintendent at Tulsa Union took to the pages of the Tulsa World to assure Oklahomans that "our public schools are doing great work," adding with emphasis: "Our education system is not broken!"

Whereupon it struck me that I need to create a new label—let's call it "Ed in the Sand"—and chronicle various statements of this sort when they come along. Here are some others from years past:

"Education hasn't failed, except maybe in a few overcrowded, underfunded urban districts."
Sand Springs superintendent Lloyd Snow

"I feel that our public schools are doing a great job in educating our students."      
Oklahoma state Sen. Richard Lerblance (D-Hartshorne)

"They are using our Governor and Superintendent to carry their water in an attempt to convince parent's [sic] that public schools are bad."                                                                          
Ivan Holmes, Democratic candidate for state superintendent

"It is simply not true."                                                                                                        
Jason James, assistant superintendent in Clinton, on the suggestion that "public schools are failing"

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