Monday, November 10, 2014

Muskogee grandmother to open school for autistic children

"A Muskogee woman with two autistic grandchildren says special needs students have the right to learn everything other kids learn, and she’s doing something about it," the Muskogee Phoenix reports. She's starting a school.
"Once parents see the pain of their children getting kicked out of school, they are acutely aware of the value that a school like Future Scholars can provide," said Walterine Pickett. "Muskogee Public Schools are suspending and expelling too many kids at an alarming rate because of behavior. Kids with undiagnosed special needs are being punished for something they want to do that they can't, like normal social interaction. So we need to quit expelling them, quit punishing them and give them what they need, a nurturing environment."

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