Friday, November 7, 2014

Oklahoma educational-choice champion wins 'November's most important election'

"Going forward, the GOP needs to study the trends and look for ways, through solid policy, to give citizens good reasons to vote for them instead of staying home on Election Day," The Oklahoman notes today in an excellent editorial.
One place to start is with education. Republicans in the Legislature backpedaled this year from education reforms such as third-grade reading tests and Common Core. They might note the re-election of Rep. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City. Nelson supports school choice, charter schools and greater parental control. He authored legislation to create education savings accounts that allow parents to use state dollars for a child’s tutoring or private schools. That such an agenda can win in a truly competitive district shows school choice and parental empowerment are winning issues. Statewide, several pro-school choice candidates from both parties won legislative races.

Not only did Nelson win in a competitive district. He won despite being targeted by state's most powerful school-employee labor union, which dubbed his race "November's most important election."

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