Saturday, June 13, 2015

'How to make the government pay for the perfect education for your kid'

"Imagine being able to create a tailored, made-to-order education for your child," Lindsey Burke writes.
Perhaps you know that the private school one neighborhood over has an excellent high school mathematics program. It allows students who don’t attend full time to take individual courses there, so your daughter takes an Algebra II class there three days a week. 
In the afternoons, she joins a group of students of various ages who gather as part of a tutoring co-op, and takes Advanced Spanish from one tutor and an economics course from another tutor on alternating days. Two nights a week, she takes an online English literature course offered by the local state university, for which she receives dual enrollment credit. And twice a week and once on the weekend, she participates in a fencing course offered at the local community college. 
Your daughter is getting a well-rounded, high-quality education that fits her learning pace and style. Sounds like a dream come true for K-12 education. But how do you pay for it?
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