Sunday, June 7, 2015

Oklahoma teacher says some of her colleagues are 'slackers who are just phoning it in'

"Are there teachers," one Oklahoma educator asks,
who manage not to clock a single minute during the summer? Sure. Are there teachers who follow the buses out of the parking lot? Sure. Are there teachers who read magazines during their conference period? Sure. In just about every profession, you’re going to find some slackers who are just phoning it in. All the more reason for properly reflecting the time obligations in our contracts. Some of those slacker teachers (don’t get mad…we all know they exist) will leave.
This is not the first time an educator has acknowledged that Oklahoma has some really bad teachers. But of course, if my accountant or my attorney or my physician is a slacker who is just phoning it in, I will eventually take my business elsewhere. All the more reason to bring education into the free enterprise systemso the best teachers can become rich and the slackers can find another line of work.

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